It seems as though we’ve been living with the “like” button our whole lives.  But, in reality, Facebook only introduced the feature in 2009.  Pretty surprising considering how fast the idea of “liking” has been  disseminated across our popular culture.  So while everyone knows Facebook and Google are the new superpowers of the internet, it seemed strange Google hadn’t dipped it’s toes into the data grabbing business of Facebook – which tracks all your “likes”.

Google +1


Enter Google’s “+1” function.  Similar to Facebook’s idea of “liking” anything from groups, to people, to companies, to whatever – Google takes this concept and applies it to search.  Now, when you search, every entry will have the option – even ads.  Like Facebook and your friends, all your Google contacts will be able to see your “+1’s”.

Despite this concept being quite new, it has already received significant coverage from both SEOmoz and SearchEngineLand.  It seems as though Google is toying with the more social aspects of the web’s viral and community potential within their own search format – a “Social SEO”.  Only time will tell what more experimental approaches Google could employ within their search platform.

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