Perhaps the greatest phenomena of social networks is their ability to amass massive amounts of personal data on a voluntary basis.  Not only do businesses want a crack at this info, but increasingly the government would like to take a peek at it.  Among all the social networks, Twitter has perhaps been the most fervent in defending its users information.

It has routinely come out with reports in acts of transparency, revealing the amount of requests it gets from governments and the amount of information it actually gives away.  By far, the most requests come from the United States.

Of these requests, very few come with the correct documentation such as a probable-cause search warrant.  Although the requests are mainly related to individuals, this could also cause problems for a business.  Many laws with obtaining information from online databases are very outdated.  New regulation looms on the horizon.  One such regulation already in effect is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, through which Twitter received over 3,000 notices to remove content.

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  1. This is a very thought provoking post. It seems like one of the largest issues is the outdated laws regarding obtaining information from online databases. Individuals and businesses alike need to be aware of the government’s requests for data. Many people would be surprised to find out just how many requests come from the United States. Neither people or businesses should place any information online with total confidence that it is private. In an age when technology moves faster than the speed of light any wrong move online could be fatal.

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