So it seems based on recent trends that technology that is more integrated with our life and our human manner of communication is becoming more popular.  Just think of the much anticipated Apple watch and now Google Glass.  Even tablets are proven to be easier to use.  One man wrote that his two year old was easily able to open and launch an app on his Ipad but the use of a mouse or track pad still escaped him.

So clearly new technologies have inherent difficulties because lets face it, they are new and we don’t know what to think of them yet.  Google Glass has had to struggle with both a high price, a not necessarily desirable look, and a possible privacy issue.  For instance, it is hard enough to know if someone might be recording or taking pictures of you and Google Glass makes this even easier.  Many issues are laid out in this article.

First of all, sales forecasts did not stack up.  They even planted a photo or two of people on Subways and other normal places to make them seem cooler.  They released this statement “I’m just a normal guy slumming on the subway looking like some hipster cyborg,” along with the guy on the Subway.

It is coming.  This shift to technology that is integrated into our lives but maybe not yet.   Sorry Google, maybe you were a bit premature, Apple is the one known for showing people what they want.

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