A lot can be said for internet giant, Youtube; boasting hundreds of thousands of videos with new ones being added each day, Youtube could very well be considered the greatest and even the best streaming video website in the world. However, with the emergence of Hulu in the market in 2007, many might reconsider making “great” assertions about Youtube.


Hulu provides high quality videos, the majority of them stemming from television stations such as NBC, ABC, and many more. In addition to this, Hulu also has a progressively expanding movie library as well – this is a feat Youtube has yet to master. However, aside from these two unique features, Hulu offers something far greater, their lab feature. On Hulu’s “lab” tab at the top of the screen, users may view experimental programs Hulu is developing and provide feedback for their R&D team. One unique feature is the caption search bar. This allows users to actually type a favorite quote or word from a tv show and Hulu’s search engine will scan their video library and recover the quote from that particular show!

What gives Hulu a competitive advantage is substance without the redundancy. Youtube, for example, has tons of movies; so many in fact, that one can waste hours just searching for the video they want to watch. Hulu provides popular shows from some of the biggest television companies in the country and movies – and that’s all. They can still provide a service that satisfies a perpetual constituency without hindering their video experience.

Hulu has seized all available marketing opportunities which allows them to compete with giants like Youtube. If they continue to make videos that are in demand so readily available, they could soon pose a threat to Youtube.

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