Humble Bundle is popular website among those who love PC games and offers bundles of video games which can be purchased for one flat rate. What makes this company unique is the way the profits from each bundle sale are distributed. Of course Humble Bundle and the developers of the games each receive a portion but a small portion is also given to charity. Every week when a new bundle is offered, a new charity will benefit from the profits. Humble Bundle does a great job of tying together the satisfaction of saving money and the satisfaction of giving money to those who need it more than you.

Since Humble Bundle went live in 2010 and by 2017 they have raised over 80 million dollars for charities all across the world and have sold millions of copies of various games. However, early success did not stop Humble Bundle from continuing to develop its brand. Humble Bundle continued to expand it’s business and now offers subscription services along side bundle sales. They even have started to make their own “Humble Bundle Exclusive” games that can only be purchased through their subscription services. Humble Bundle is a great example of how an online business should continue to evolve its business strategy in a continuously changing market place. 

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  1. paulmorrissey_ says:

    I think adding a social aspect to your business can make your business seem more credible and attract better consumers who would chose their product over another competitor

  2. Thanks for sharing! I would definitely agree with your point that it is very important for an online business to continue to evolve their business strategy. In today’s world, adaptation to the changing market place is crucial.

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