Many students are currently looking for jobs in tough times.  I have started a compilation of job search websites.  There are a lot of general job search providers that nearly everyone has heard about.  Some people may not know that job search directories may exist for individual industries. Since I am a computer science major, I have listed search engines that deal directly with information technology.

Feel free to post your favorite job search engines, especially job search engines in your field.  It will only take 5-10 minutes, and the list may be helpful to someone reading our blog.

One Response to “The hunt is on – A job search directory”

  1. While it’s not a job search site, it may be relevant to add to the list.

    It’s an online community dedicated to IT contractors and consultants. Given the economy and job market, many IT guys are opting (or forced) to consider contracting as an alternative to full-time employment. This could be a good resource if you fall into that category, or if you’re just curious.

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