Squidoo allows anyone to create a lens about anything that builds on other web 2.0 tools.  People are using Squidoo to improve their internet marketing.  Ron Passfield gives 6 reasons that you should use Squidoo for internet marketing:

  1. Establish yourself as an expert
  2. Generate Traffic to your website or blog
  3. Promote your articles
  4. Achieve search engine optimization at no cost
  5. Use a wider range of keywords to capture more traffic
  6. Get a quality backlink at no cost

Nowsell.com is getting better results from Hubpages.com. Squidoo and Google changes are possibly some causes for the improved rankings by using Hubpages.  They are very similar sites and both can be used to gain th six benefits listed above.  I suggest that companies use both websites for internet marketing.

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