There is no doubt that Infographics are becoming the next big thing. The easily convey information and are engaging. I cannot count the number of times I have stopped to read an Infographic that I knew did not pertain to my interests simply  because the information was presented in a visually engaging way.

Below are some links to examples of well designed Infographics. I don’t want to fill up the page with images so you will have to click through. However, before you get there, a few points of observation.

1. They all use color. This might sound simple, and there will be the exception, but for the most part this is still profound. Color is engaging. Color can also help lump ideas together and creat a cohesive whole out of many parts.

2. They all have data. Each of the below is trying to convey something that is important. So important that the creator does not want you to gloss over it. But, the data is presented in small chunks that help us grasp the whole picture without being overwhelmed.

3. They all have a flow. They understand the importance of telling a story and do so in a format that we might not expect. Reading left to right is so 2000’s. With new social media sites (like Pintrest and Tumbler) that are vertically driven, these image based graphics work well.

Finally, an image that , as a student who just finished finals, can relate to. Have fun!


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