I personally love the platform of Instagram in that I can post my photography on it to share with my friends and family, along with possibly gaining attention from other people using the site.  I really appreciate all of the constant updates and changes that Instagram’s team makes in order to better the platform in all kinds of ways.

Recently, Instagram has added a new feature that one can add multiple pictures to a single post.  This not only enables the user to show more of their pictures, but create less crowding on someone’s feed.  Instead of the user posting all of their pictures in several posts, they can combine it and followers can look at them all at once.

Instagram has also added the feature of live video where people can essentially watch what others are doing at the exact moment.  Instagram combines factors from all kinds of other social media sites into their own, which makes it so much more necessary to have the app.

I think Instagram really has a firm grasp on what people want and then they try their hardest to give them just that.  After all, the social media site has 400 million daily active users.  This just goes to show how successful the app/website is and how it has climbed up the ladder to make it in the top three biggest social media platforms.

2 Responses to “Instagram’s Success”

  1. Dan Dorman says:

    I could not agree more with how great the new multiple photo feature is. You make a great point that it helps keep feeds clean and not crowded with one person’s pictures. It helps people see multiple pictures you want your friends to see and keeps their feeds clean as well.

  2. Instagram is my favorite social media platform, the filter is my favorite part, it can make pictures more beautiful.

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