I love learning about internet-based companies, but while researching I realized how many people have internet-based careers without actually having a traditional business. For example, Ben Shapiro, one of my favorite political commentators, uses the internet as a platform for his podcast, show, and columns even though he doesn’t have a full-on company. It got me thinking about how multi-faceted the internet is. There are so many opportunities, you don’t even have to have a traditional company to get into the internet space. You can have a YouTube-based show, a blog, a podcast on iTunes, a website, and a social media presence, all completely dedicated to your personal brand. A lot of people make millions of dollars a year just off of one of these internet-based opportunities. For example, in 2015, over 40 YouTubers made over a million dollars for the year.

I think the opportunities outside of traditional internet-based businesses can teach us two important things about traditional internet companies: 1) The internet is truly a flourishing and growing content driver.  2) While it’s important to have discretion with how you expand your business on the internet, you don’t have to choose just one platform. You can expand to any and all platforms that effectively help your company’s growth.

It’s important to keep in mind everyone who’s succeeding in the internet space, and look at what they’re doing right, not just traditional companies.

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  1. Elisabeth O'Brien says:

    I do think it is crazy how you can have an internet business without directly selling anything…like your youtube example, it is interesting to think that people can make money by simply posting interesting content. It certainly encourages people to leverage all sides of the internet when considering how to sell themselves and their ideas.

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