Kevin Rose’s interest in computer programming began at the early age of 8. His interest in programming was sparked when his family bought the famous Commodore 64 computer. Rose was known to play on the computer so much that he would often have the keyboard taken from him.

Rose’s computer programming skills became so good that at the age of 19 he earned a job at the Department of Energy’s Nevada Test Site. This is what he did while he attended the University of Las Vegas. But Rose’s time at Las Vegas would be short. Rose thought a life in the famous Silicon Valley would be a better fit for him and his goals. So he dropped out of college and moved to Silicon Valley to become a full-time programmer.

After making many valuable connections in the Valley and interviews with people such as Steve Wozniak he thought he would start his own internet company. This lead Rose to search the internet for news articles that had not been featured on major news outlets. But he found this process was very time consuming and messy.

So Rose thought up of an online service that could automatically gather these sites together and put them all in the same spot for users to access easily. The kick is, that the users are the ones that post the actual content of the site. As a result creating a social aspect. This was the creation of Digg. Each blog or article posted on Digg is ranked by the community and posted to the front page. Showing the most popular stories of the day.

Today Digg has more than 1.2 million daily unique users and almost 6 million registered users. Also making a yearly income of $8.5 million in revenue.

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  1. Great post Dan! I think it’s so interesting to hear the stories of famous internet entrepreneurs today. I’m not sure I would have the boldness to drop out of college to pursue an idea I had, but I definitely respect his motivation for his passion. Thanks for sharing.

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