Kiva has found the pain. Not only have they pinpointed the pain, but they have also found what seems to be a full proof method of helping other succeed with a money back guarentee for those that lend to the organization. kiva_logo2

Their four step program includes:

  1. Lenders browse profiles of entrepreneurs
  2. Kiva’s microfinance partners distribute the loans
  3. Over time: Entrepreneurs repay the loans
  4. Lenders get their money back and can re-loan to someone else in need

Kiva has certainly cured the pain! They have discovered a way in which they can give necessary capital to despirate entrepreneurs in third world countries, while also promising full repayment to lenders. Their indepth application process for potential entrepreneurs gives assurance to lenders that helps them know the avaliable entrepreneurs are hard workers and will re-pay all they are given.

One Response to “Kiva: Changing the World One Entrepreneur at a Time”

  1. Kate Schreiber says:

    I agree, they have found the pain and they appear to be successfull in the manner in which they chose to solve this pain. I did some research to see if there was “bad press” related to Kiva. I found many articles and blogs where lenders were thrilled with Kiva, and were so happy to be involved with them!

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