You could help Ashley start her business! When we got our intial weekly assignment to blog about, I was very curious to investigate the site.  I had heard the name thrown around by some professors and each time, it was met with  many approving headnods from students.  But why, I wondered, were students so quick to give Kiva a thumbs up?  Was it because they applauded Kiva’s mission to provide micro-loans to entrepreneurs in third world countries or was it more shallow than that?  Were people so quick to commend Kiva’s efforts becaue they wanted to be viewed by their peers as an active member of society?

Regardless of their motives, I think Kiva provides a much needed service that will have an even bigger impact than investors could ever imagine.  To Americans living in such a blessed nation, an amount like $125 is not pocket change, but I’ve known friends who have spent more money on custom made jeans.  When you visit Kiva’s website and read the powerful, personal testimonies of what an impact a few dollars can have on a person’s life, you realize that Kiva exists to be more a pat-on-the-back organization. 

The numbers speak for themselves: with over 3,000 entrepreneurs funded every week through Kiva, people are catching the funding fever and donating more than ever.  When donating to Kiva’s powerful mission, you will be helping change the world, one micro-loan at a time.  Whether you decide to finance someone’s emerging business for the tax benefits or to get a a warm fuzzy feeling inside or because you genuinely want to help, the important thing is that you do it. 

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