Most students use Facebook in U.S. The population using Facebook is very huge not only in U.S but also in the world. Its popularity is so amazing, because everyone is almost addicted to Facebook every day. I, however, did not realize its powerful domination before I left from Korea. Facebook was not successful in South Korea and Japan(they have MIXI) too. Many people know about it but they do not use.  There are some reasons about the phenomena I guess. Cyworld, Korean Facebook, monopolizes social networking website. I would introduce about Cyworld and then find good and bad aspects of Facebook through comparing both.

 Both are developed by smart college student. Harvard university student and Kaist university student
Facebook is Free!! to use. On the other hand, Cyworld costs money. People pay moeny inorder to make thier own page more pretty. The more cost, the more fancy and looks cool. Every Facebook looks same, but all Cyword looks different. Protecting privacy? Facebook is Not really, if check Secret Wall function, other friends can’t read wall. Therefore, Character of Facebook is Pragmatic, Cyworld is funny and Good looking.


It is hard to have Cyworld account without Korean socail number so foreigner who is not staying in Korea got problem. In August 2006, Cyworld officially launched a U.S. version of Cyworld.(It looks like Facebook) While retaining many of the aspects of Cyworld that makes it unique among social networking sites, the U.S. version was redesigned by Native Instinct to offer many new features for an American audience. I don’t think it is good, because I never seen American users. 

Peaple who come from other culture can feel uncomfortable when they use Fcebook. It is difference of each thought in different culture. Facebook is already popular and success in the world, but it is still  needed for them to consider customer, user. They have a big risk which users can move to new and nicer networking website(if it exists), because it is only good one(they won in the past) including stocking problems. Cyworld will be able to die in the future becuase of  their high cost and difficulty for foreigner with out global trying. Hope to see both improving .

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  1. That is really interesting. It kind of shows how small the world is, and that no matter where you are located, social interaction is craved by all. I wonder how well it will do in the U.S.?

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