How many times have you realized, after the fact, that you had a discount at that store you just left, that you could have saved money on entrance tickets to that last museum you visited, or that you had a membership loyalty card to that retail store, but forgot all about it in the chaos of trying to find your credit card? And who can keep track of all the membership bonuses and perks from all of their clubs and associations?

Mobile app and web service Larky offers a solution to this dilemma, organizing all of these rewards systems, so that you can get the most out of your memberships and can capitalize on as many savings as possible. Currently, Larky only has an iPhone app available, however their Android app is promised as forthcoming. The app service serves not only as a means of organizing all your rewards programs on its “perks dashboard,” but also as an alert system, alerting users when they are near potential savings and membership bonuses and discounts.


This service is obviously targeting a pain felt by the majority of frequent buyers and cuts right to the heart of loyalty programs’ weaknesses. With this system at our fingertips, not only will consumers be better off and organized, but merchants will be able to offer stronger loyalty programs, since customers will be better assured of the benefits.

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