1 of 3 StumbleUpon Founders

Garrett Camp, 1 of 3 StumbleUpon Founders

I was reading an interview with one of the founders of StumbleUpon when I realized a lot can be learned from their experiences.

It all started with a pain that they were experiencing.  Search engines were very useful, but they were not effective at discovering new websites.  With technical ability and a well-planned vision, the founders were able to convert their idea into a product.

There were other aspects that led to the success of StumbleUpon. Garrett Camp says that good Web 2.0 businesses all start with a great idea.  He also says that the best thing when starting a new business is working with friends and people you trust.

An interview with Justin LaFrance from StumbleUpon shows that “Keep[ing] your costs down, get constant feedback, develop incrementally,” are the be insights for starting your own Web 2.0 project.

In Summary,

  • A great product is absolutely the most important thing”
  • Work with friends and people you trust
  • Keep your costs down
  • Get constant feedback
  • Develop incrementally

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