reid-hoffmanBusiness professionals are starting to turn to LinkedIn for networking and other business needs.  But how did LinkedIn start, and what were some of the goals of founder Reid Hoffman?

According to an interview conducted by Nathan C. Kaiser, Hoffman had previously started a company called SocialNet, which was a dating, professional networking, activity, and roommate search website.  Over time, Hoffman realized why the professional aspect of SocialNet did not succeed and he decided to start a new company.

The original idea behind LinkedIn was to link people who had jobs and money with the people that lacked jobs and money.  Having both types of people join the site was key to the success of LinkedIn. says that it was founded in Reid Hoffman’s living room in fall 2002, along with co-founders Allen Blue, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Eric Ly, and Konstantin Guericke.  Hoffman metaphorically describes the differences between social networks by saying that LinkedIn is the social media’s office, while Facebook is a barbeque, and MySpace is a bar.

To get a better picture of Reid Hoffman, watch the video below.

To sum up Hoffman’s personality, he seems like a CEO that understands how businesses work.  He is completely down to Earth and has a witty, sarcastic humor.  He knows his product and has clearly defined long and short-term goals.   His idea of connecting the two types of business people has worked very well through the creation of LinkedIn.

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