When you have your own website there are a couple of things that are important for your website ranking. One of the most important things in declaring this is how many links you have coming to your site.

The first type of link you can get that would is the cheapest and easiest are directory links. These links are free to submit and they will put you in your database for free in order to link back to your site.

The second type of link would be more expensive but just as easy to get. The second type of link I am talking about is a link that you pay for as a website owner. If you pay for someone to link to you it is expensive but you can get good links if you have a relevant site linking to you.

Another type of link that a lot of people are willing to do is a reciprocal link. In doing this you put a link on your site and then you get one in return. These links are not as good for you on Google ranking but they still help.

Lastly, the hardest and the best links are the websites that link to you for free. These links are very important because they are relevant sites that are linking to your site because your site is a good site. So the key to getting these links is having good content on your site and lots of visitors so more people can see your good content.

A lot of people think that the only purpose of links is to get more traffic directly to your site. This can be true but the biggest key to links is that you can be rank higher on Google. I currently was submitting my site to databases and doing reciprocal links the other day and my site increased 3-5 spots on Google depending on the keyword. So all in all the way to be successful is to get as many links as you can to your site.

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