In his book, Effective Networking, Michael Hughes says the first five seconds of meeting someone new is the time when each party forms the most important perception about the other. The first impression is crucial to successful negotiating, interviewing, and networking.

online_business_networkingWhat would you do differently to make your first impression a good one?

You can make a good impression prior to arriving; forming your brand image begins before sitting in the interview chair and even prior to the all-important handshake. Give important appointments a chance to view your personal page at LinkedIn or read your blog. The first five seconds is still critical, but social media tools can relieve some of the pressure.

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  1. Kate Schreiber says:

    I was reading in an article that LinkedIn can serve as a great way to gain some background information on your interviewer. Which would enable you to talk about something that is important to both of you, making a stronger impression.

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