Twitter has long been recognized as a convenient and fast way for brands to get their message out to millions of consumers.  The accessibility of 140 characters combined with the speed that the platform provides for communication is beneficial to businesses just on those two attributes alone.

However, one of the greatest advantages that Twitter offers to businesses is the ability to quickly capitalize on trending topics.  A prime example of this was during the power outage during last Sunday’s Super Bowl.   Oreo brand did an especially good job at this.  During the power outage, they tweeted this:


The message was simple, clear,  and perfectly timed.  Other brands had their shot at fame as well.  Walgreen, Tide, and Audi all tweeted relevant messages during the black-out and received accolades in the press for their marketing team.

The secret?  Oreo had a “mission control” set up for their social media.  That way, when they saw an opportunity, the design, caption, and approval could be done in a matter of minutes.  With instantaneous internet comes immediate opportunities that will be gone just as quickly if you don’t take advantage of them.

However, just as trendy twitter posts can be the golden ticket for your branding, twitter can also go terribly wrong.  Anytime political jokes or national crises are used to promote your brand, be sure to expect backlash.   Maybe there is such a thing as bad publicity.

Moral of the story?  Timely and trendy alliterations work.

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  1. It seems to me that soon all the major and even mid-level brands will have a task force of people dedicated to keeping up with whats trending even on a daily basis, so as to look for opportunities to get a quick message out. Today everything moves so quickly that companies have to act immediately to get any attention.

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