How many times have we wished that we could just read someone else’s mind, to understand what they cannot, or will not, verbally express to us? Human beings are curious creatures, eager to know and discover that which is currently—and maybe will always be—out of reach. Unfortunately, no innovator has stumbled upon a practical solution to human mindreading. But what if the clothing we wore could read our minds?

kagaya ears

Thanks to Japanese visionary Tomonori Kagaya, this is now an actual possibility. Neurowear, Kagaya’s Tokyo-based company, offers a line of innovative products designed to respond to the wearer’s emotions and thoughts. For example, one of Neurowear’s first innovations was a pair of novelty cat ears that would twitch according to the wearer’s mood.

Kagaya’s most recent and brilliant innovation is Mico, a pair of headphones that play music based on the wearer’s thoughts and emotions—an accessory that reads and responds to mental processes even before the wearer can express it himself. This introduces an entirely new level to musical discovery. How many times have we wished for just the right mix of melody, mood, and lyrical composition to match our current disposition? While we cannot always find that tune even in our perusal of the extensive musical collections that we have at our fingertips (e.g. Pandora, Spotify, Itunes, etc.), Mico is designed to find and introduce the perfect song to us, eliminating the need for painstaking search.


“If we don’t know the title, artist name, genre, then how can we find the song? We need another approach. Don’t go searching for music, let music find you – that must be a new experience. So we made Mico.” –Tomonori Kagaya

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