I love reading about any entrepreneur, but especially young ones, like 18-year-old Adam Horwitz. In just 3 days, his online course “Mobile Monopoly” made him $1.5 million.

In an interview with Income Diary, Adam explains that he first got interested in digital entrepreneurship when his father took him to a seminar about online marketing one day.  “That kind of opened the doors to me to see that there is potential out there for making money online,” he says.

Before “Mobile Monopoly”, Adam sold a few other online courses, such as his courses “Tycoon Cash Flow” and “Cell Phone Treasure.”  Each made him around $100,000.  “Mobile Monopoly” was his first million dollar program.

His success sounds unreal and unmatchable, but he lives by business principles that are actually pretty simple.  He says that his biggest tip to anyone in the online world is to take their business one step at a time.  “I think a lot of people’s struggle is they set up like eight different campaign [at once].”  Instead, he urges people to start with one and wait until it is successful before they spread their focus to other projects. “If you just do a bunch of different products… you’re not going to make a sale for any of them.”

His other big tip is just as simple — make content easy to consume.  People have short attention spans, especially when going through information-intensive courses like the ones Adam makes.  “The best way to do it is through video,” he says. “[People] don’t want to read a lot, they want to watch you talk.” I think this can be applied to anything.  I feel the same way about websites, social media posts, and anything else — I’d rather see a video or an infographic than lines and lines of dull words.  If it looks like an essay, I’m probably going to click out.  People are busy and they want to hear what they need quickly and easily.

The last point that stood out to me was how Adam views all of this.  When asked if he likes being his own boss, he said that he doesn’t even think about it like that.  “I don’t think of this as work. This is fun, this is what I’m doing.”

Adam is in college like all of us in Entrepreneurial Mind. His friends all have minimum wage jobs but because he had an idea and the drive to do something about it, he has made over a million dollars in his spare time.  I think Adam showcases the possibility and opportunity of  internet entrepreneurship.  He’s a reminder to me that being successful is possible, no matter what your age, other commitments, or circumstances. The internet is a platform that has made that more possible than ever before.

4 Responses to “Full-Time College Kid, Part-Time Millionaire”

  1. I think it’s really inspiring to see a college student take something that he may have thought could have failed and made it into something that is extremely lucrative. He definitely has a clearly defined career path to look forward to. Very interesting.

  2. stewartnt1 says:

    Like we learned from Coach Diesel, the best way to learn how to be succesfull is to learn from successful people. Adam’s testimony of being just an average 18 year old college student to a millionaire shows the power of the internet as a platform for business. Taking it slow and focusing on one thing at a time is something that seems so obvious but is a real problem for us young entrepreneurs. Great post on an inspirational guy.

  3. Elisabeth O'Brien says:

    I really like the point about making content easy to consumer. As a consumer, I do not like to go to a website and simply read information, it is too much for me to store and remember. If there is a habit forming way for me to learn information or consume content, such as in a game, I am much more likely to go that route and learn better. This guy is really cool!

  4. I’m always so impressed by people our age starting businesses and even more impressed by college students. I feel as though I am always running around doing school work or extracurricular activities and I wouldn’t have time to start a business. His story was truly inspiring and I’m impressed with his ability to do that. You said it right when you ended it with “…Adam showcases the possibility and opportunity of internet entrepreneurship. He’s a reminder to me that being successful is possible, no matter what your age, other commitments, or circumstances”

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