Ladies, imagine yourself as a stay at home mother, raising your children. Now imagine getting paid for sharing advice, family stories, recipes, and photos online, while staying at home with your children. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

The blogging world has opened up opportunity for stay-at-home mothers. Mothers are now turning to online bloggers for advice on motherhood which is creating a large web market for mommy bloggers. If successful, mommy bloggers are now able to gain a second income while raising their children. Now don’t get me wrong, creating a blog with consistent content is time consuming–it is definitely a job. The beauty of a mommy blog career is that 75% of the job is spending time with your family.

Just like any other blog, there are some key factors which will determine the success of the blog. How will you gain a readership? How will you create and maintain consistent content that is interesting and unique? Here is a secret: nobody is as unique as your family.

Some key factors which make a successful mommy blog:

1. Identity
A major part of any online brand is identity. It is important to stay true to who you are, especially when you are sharing a peek into your family’s life. Do not lose focus from blogging trends, but rather say true to your family’s identity.Example: The Davis Family

2. Relevance
While staying true to your identity, it is important to stay relevant and unique to your readers. Provide meaningful, authentic content that intrigues your readers will maintain traffic and interest. Create content that combines elements of your family with relevant content for your readers. Share funny stories about your children, family recipes, favorite family adventures, etc. Everything you share is unique to your readers.

Example: The Pioneer Woman

3. Partnerships
Collaborating with other businesses will not only help you reach a larger crowd, it will also give you partnership opportunities that could benefit your family. Testing out various products and brands not only gives your readers insight, but also benefits the companies. If you review a product you really like, your readers are more willing the purchase it because they trust your judgement. It’s a win-win!

Example: Bel & Beau


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