A big piece of driving customers to using your product on the internet is letting them easily find what they want. We see this in the constant search websites have for optimizing search engines, the products Amazon is continually suggesting to customers, and we see Netflix doing it when it comes to the TV we are streaming.

What is most interesting is what Netflix is doing. They have working for years categorizing the content that they have on their site in a way that will engage customers. Netflix has gone beyond the Hollywood genres, and has reorganized in their own fashion. This allows them to suggest people that other streaming websites might not be able to, because they don’t have the research and expertise of Netflix.

I read all about this on an article on Mashable, and they were talking about how internet companies need to work on categorizing just the same as Netflix. If you customers are able to find your content or product more easily, you will be more successful because they will be hooked.

Blog 2 ImageThis was very interesting to me because I had never thought about this being an important piece of getting customers. We talk about having good products and making your website easy to use, but it is easy to forget that has to come together in a way that people will like. It doesn’t necessarily help them to see an alphabetical list, they need to see a category list. It definitely is something important to think about for anyone who is starting an internet business.

2 Responses to “Netflix wants to read your mind. (But it’s for your good.)”

  1. The complexity of this categorization boggles my mind. Netflix has done such an amazing job of this – I don’t know how others would be able to compare.

  2. Interesting thoughts. I agree though that one of Netflix’s greatest strengths is its easy to use interface. Viewers/customers are LAZY (heck they are sitting down to watch TV when using Netflix!) Netflix caters perfectly to its users through its great organization.

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