It slips my mind who it was, but someone in class had a great idea of an online newspaper or "e-zine"

I stumbledupon this and the concept seems similar similar or at least would help augment the idea proposed in class. The gist is that you create a personal newspaper from your RSS and AtomRSS feeds. It allows you to create a personal one for yourself or to publish one for others consumption.

Feed Journal | The Newspaper You Always Wanted

Whoever had the idea, please comment and let us know how this fits in with your vision and how you think they could improve upon the idea. Maybe this is a totally unrelated idea from yours but I think this is still a cool concept.

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  1. crumrinece1 says:

    Hey, it’s Cody, mine was the web-zine idea. I’m glad you liked it, I wish I would’ve been more prepared so I could’ve explained my vision in a little more depth.

    Feed Journal definitely looks like some pretty cool stuff, and I can certainly see it fitting in. One of the ideas that I didn’t get to share was that as the number of member/writers increased there would be opportunities for specialization. The original “main publication” would probably cover a pretty broad range of topics. But if the project started attracting a large number of writers with interest in, say, online gaming a break-off publication could be started specializing in online gaming news. Same goes for music, website design, whatever peoples interests are. With a tool like Feed Journal or perhaps something similar but more tailored to this project, subscribers could easily pick and choose which break-off publications interested them and combine them into one personally tailored e-zine.

    This is definitely something that is worth taking note of, thanks for highlighting it!

  2. @Cody – Thanks for the response.

    Good ideas, also maybe a person could thumb up or down an article and thus it becomes a dynamic paper – changing content as people “vote”. Kind of like and music.

    Like stumbleupon you could choose what your interests are and the paper is tailored from there.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

  3. I think that is a great Idea. I think it is kind of similar to the Google update thing. If you go to Google and go to the news section you can tell them to send a message to your email everytime a certain topic is discussed in the news and written about on the web. This Idea however I think would take this to the next level and would allow for us to see all the articles especially blog articles. I think this is a magnificent Idea and would be all for looking into it.

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