Going off of Chris’s post and our class discussion, this post is about the problems facing students trying to find a job. And it’s also a continuation of my post on using your name as a website and protecting your reputation.

What can a student do to differentiate themselves from their peers?

What can you hand a potential employer that will make them say “wow!“?

What shouldn’t you do? Handing them a run-of-the-mill paper resume is certainly not going to differentiate you from the herd.

Here are some things I think are key to differentiating you

  1. Figure out what is special about you. What makes you different form everyone else? Special skills, training, experience?
  2. Use keywords you know employers are looking for – “trigger words” -don’t go overboard with industry-specific jargon.
  3. Be bold and aggressive, don’t be afraid to ask and be persistent.
  4. Get a “resume site”and on this site have:
  • A YouTube video of you talking about your skills. experiences and dreams.
  • A downloadable version of your resume in both Word and PDF format.
  • A few pictures of you both semi-casual and formal, the employer needs to be able to relate to you in a more personable way than a piece of paper with words.
  • Links to relevant profiles online: LinkedIn, Facebook (if appropriate)

Let me know… 

What do you think makes a great online resume site?

An excellent book strongly related to this subject is Differentiate or Die by Jack Trout. The essence of the book is that it’s what you do differently that will allow you to succeed. The book is focused on differentiating products/services/companies but the principles can apply just as well to “brand YOU”. LifeHacker blog post about reputation management online. Great article on individual reputation management from TopRank blog Guide to various resume sites and web-enabled job hunting Points on keeping your personal resume site professional.

One Response to “Online Resumes: Differentiate or be Unemployed.”

  1. abhilashsamuel says:

    The outline for resumes has been the same for decades now. Although there have been minor changes in the way companies and organizations want to see their applicants frame their goals and achievements, the way of going about designing your resume has been the same. People may have different abilities and accomplishments but there is often no way for companies to see where you can be differentiated.

    Putting up an online resume and making it personal is perhaps the first step in differentiating yourself. Making your resume more interactive by putting up information about yourself, putting a short video – which can not only show your enthusiasm about the work you are looking for, but also can enhance the desire of your future employer to interview you.

    This new way of displaying your abilities, skills and experience is surely a revolutionized way of promoting yourself.

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