REI-OUTLET.comOne of the recurring themes I have noticed with a lot of online stores is the implementation of outlets. This is especially prevalent with outdoor stores like REI, Evo, Backcountry, etc. The outlet section allows the company to move older and odd sized products out of their inventory, but it also allows customers to find high-quality equipment at a fraction of the price if they are willing to wait for the newer versions to come out. Many of these outlets give discounts up to 65% off and a minimum of 30% off. The main reason why I enjoy this feature is that it provides easier search-ability within the price range I am looking to spend. Plus it works as a marketing ploy by giving the sales perception. I would have to say that for any online retail store, the use and implementation of an outlet section helps clean up the website as well as helps you as the ownder sort through your inventory with greater convenience and move inventories faster as well. So, the question remains, why haven’t you made an outlet section yet?

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  1. Good call! I have used backcountry a few times and the prices are incredible! It’s sweet because they have all the name brands for half the price. I think i bought my Oakley Red Winnter Ski Jacket from there and it was 65% off the price at the Oakley online store.

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