Pageonce defines itself as the first “personal internet assistant.” Everytime people go to their computers, they generally start out by checking a myriad of different sites. (The weather, stock prices, facebook, checking accounts, and the most recent political news, for example). Pageonce tries to simplify this process by allowing the user to see all those things on their initial homepage.

Pageonce uses “fetchone” technology to allow the user to auto log-in to sites without having to always type in a username and password and it makes all relevant information avaiable in one place. They say, “Think of the possibilities. You could log on to one website, and simultaneously view your Wells Fargo checking account balance, see when Citibank expects your next credit card payment, view movies rentals from Netflix, know how many minutes are left on your Verizon Wireless plan, and respond to a message on Facebook.”

I’m not exactly sure how it works however I think they’re just starting out because in order to sign up, you give your email and then they email you promising to be back in touch in coming weeks. They have all the same security as other websites, like banking sites and other sites which hold your account information, so that you can be just as safe on pageonce as you are anywhere else.

2 Responses to “PageOnce – your internet, your way.”

  1. Thanks for writing this post. You can go to and gain immediate access to Pageonce’s private beta.

  2. Wow! What an innovative idea that we could ALL use. It’s true, everytime I open my computer, I spend the first 15-20 mins checking random sites that I need info from. Bringing it all together into a homepage is one awesome thing!

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