In today’s digital era, the old models for photography businesses just don’t work. Previously, photographers would sell print packages in addition to their session fees. Clients would have to choose from a gallery of images and pick their favorites to be printed. However, now everyone is accustomed to having cameras on their phones and constant access to as many pictures as they can take. The value of photography work is sadly declining, due to everyone’s new ability to be their own photographer. Gone is the day that clients were satisfied with a handful of prints reflecting only a small selection of their photos. People want to see more, and have access to all of their photos. Some photographers meet this need by providing all of their client’s photos on a flash drive or a CD. At some point, someone thought “isn’t there a better, faster way to deliver my client’s photos?” and PASS was born.

PASS is a photo sharing platform designed specifically for professional photographers to share galleries with their clients. The platform was launched in 2013 and quickly built a long waiting list for an “invitation-only” access to the product download. They offer two pricing structures – free with limited features, or $29 a month for unlimited access to galleries, storage, and other features. PASS is available as a mobile app as well as a website on the client’s end, and as a downloadable software for the photographer to create and manage client galleries. The client is able to view their photos, share them to social media (which links directly back to the photographer, giving them credit for their work), download print-quality files for their own personal use, or order professional quality prints right from the app. The photos are stored on the cloud for up to 10 years, freeing up the photographer from hoarding dozens of back-up drives or boxes of client photo discs. It also effectively eliminates the need for the photographer to be involved in the print distribution – something that receives differing opinions, depending on which photographer you ask (many prefer to review the quality of the prints before giving them to clients).

Overall, PASS makes it so much easier to be a photographer in our digitally fueled world.  As a photographer and long-time PASS user myself, I can attest to the usability and function of this platform. Sending client photos is as easy as uploading the images and clicking “send.” The free version is perfect for photographers like me who shoot the occasional session, and for more serious photographers, the $29/month package is a steal. The business model definitely solved a very niche market need. Their partnership with White House Custom Color Prints creates a one-stop shop for photographers and their easy sharing and downloading features make it a client favorite. From all this, PASS has become one of the most used and trusted forms of photo sharing and distribution in the professional photography industry.

3 Responses to “PASS – Professional Photo Sharing Platform”

  1. Falcettatr1 says:

    As I was editing pictures over the weekend my Mum asked me if I could transport some to her computer, but since I own a Mac, finding the right software to use can be tricky, would this be a good option for photo sharing from a PC to a Mac?

    • Kirsten O'Steen says:

      Absolutely! PASS functions as a webpage so as long as you have access to the internet, whether you’re on a phone, Mac, or PC, it’ll look the same. The software side of it for the photographers works on both Mac and PC operating systems. It is the easiest way I’ve found so far to share pictures and keep them at full quality

  2. This is an interesting business model. It sounds like this company has done a great job at taking advantage of a niche market in photography. At first, this service sounded similar to the photo cloud services offered by companies such as Google and Apple, but it sounds like PASS has managed to meet the needs of professional photographers by creating their own cloud service. Thanks for sharing!

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