The Internet has introduced many new career opportunities into our culture. However, it wasn’t until recently that “YouTube star” was a viable career. Thanks to an internet based startup, content creators can have a truly sustainable income. Patreon is a platform that connects content creators with their fans financially. Creators retain 100% ownership of their content and Patreon keeps a 5% fee of all revenue brought in. This is a great way for fans to support artists and creators they love. Fans can pay a few dollars per month or per post to support and thank the creators for their work. John Green, host of the YouTube channel CrashCourse, said, “Patreon is our only source of funding where passion matters more than views.” This is a revolutionary model that reaches across the boundaries of views and ads – connecting artists to their audiences and involving them in the creation process. Patreon isn’t limited to just video content – artists, photographers, writers, animators, comedians and musicians have all used Patreon to successfully connect with their fans in a way that encourages them to keep producing art.

As the Internet becomes more and more engrained into our culture, it will be interesting to watch how entrepreneurs channel its characteristics into business models. A business like Patreon would never had been possible before the interconnectivity offered by the Internet, and there wouldn’t have been as strong of a need for it before the Internet, either.

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