One of the hardest things about creating a successfully blog is getting people to find you.  A lot of blogs have good content for the specific niche, but there audience can’t seem to find the blog.  Getting ranked on Google can be daunting especially for a new website.  One solution can be trying to get indexed into different blog directories.  This will help with link building and  it helps people find your site as well. I was looking around the internet for directories that I could submit my website which is about Web design and SEO, and I found an awesome website that will automatically submit your blogs to 21 different directories.  This site is called Ping-O-Matic.  It is extremely easy to use and very effective.  One of the biggest constraint on the internet is time.  This website saves you a bunch of time and is so simple and easy to use.  This is a perfect example of a company giving away powerful tools for free for the sake of helping the internet community.

Written by Ford Jordan | SEO, Web Design, Sports, and Business


Here is an example of what it looks like:

indexing made easy

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