The Worlds at Your Fingertips

The World is at Your Fingertips

Social Entrepreneurship is a rapidly growing mega market in the Internet realm.  Millions of the needs of people are being addressed across the globe and their lives are being made better through the social entrepreneurship on the Internet.  So what is “Social Entrepreneurship”?


  • connects people globally weather it just be for the means to communicate with friends (Facebook) share knowledge (Ultimate-Guitar) keep people updated on whats going on (Twitter) or get loans to start a small business (Kiva).
  • level of success not necessarily measured by how much money it makes but by how it affects people
  • It makes the world smaller!


Social entrepreneurship has so much power in the world today, and many people are even becoming rich off of it.  There is such a buzz around social media today that the people who found the sites are millionaires and billionaires (Mark Zuckerburg- Facebook).  


Social entrepreneurship, while not a particularly  difficult topic to understand, it is often difficult to be successful in creating  a social media website.  The biggest key to social entrepreneurship is finding the pain.  Find a need and fix it! Find a gap and connect it!

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