On March 15th, Jerome Jarre made a video and uploaded it to twitter. Jerome is a social media celebrity. He is well know through his appearances through vine as well as twitter and YouTube. He posted a video about the drought that has been happening in Somalia and how people have been starving to death and how we all need to rally together so that we can help Somalians. He called out Turkish Airlines because they are the only people that are allowing flights in and out of Somalia right now. He had the idea to fill up a plane with relief supplies as well as food and water and fly it into Somalia. His plead for action has caused thousands of people to turn their heads. Many celebrities and popular people have reached out and asked if they could help. Jerome contacted actor Ben Stiller on Friday, March 17th and asked if he and his team would be interested in filming, documenting, and helping out with the process.  Working together and setting up a meeting with Turkish Airlines, they came to an agreement where they would have access to 60 tons of cargo space immediately for use, and an additional 140 tons worth of cargo space over the next six months. This is truly an amazing story. In half of a week, one social media plea turned into a movement,and came into effect. The internet has been able to connect us like nothing else before, and to see social media being used for the good of other people is vastly encouraging.

4 Responses to “The power of social media”

  1. I love this post. It’s crazy sometimes how the power of social media and a credible online presence, even someone famous only for vine, can affect the world.

  2. StarcherTa1 says:

    I think that this is an awesome story and I’m glad that Jerome was able to help others through his fame.

  3. Dan Dorman says:

    This is a great example of the power od social being used in such a positive way. It would be great if more and more social media famous were this proactive.

  4. this is a great example to show how the social media changed people’s life, social media as a platform to help others, this is really inspiring other people.

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