If you have a small/local business, you know how hard it may be to create a viable presence online.  However, there are a number of tools available to you which can be used to boost the online performance of your business.  This article on entrepreneur.com outlines their top fifteen sites to promote such a business.  Refer to these tips and you will quickly build a respectable online presence.

Remember that to grow a presence takes more than just being there.  You must also act on various SEO tactics on each one of these sites.

One Response to “Promote your local business online”

  1. The only thing I don’t really agree with in this article is that they have so many different options for listings. As a person who is closely connected to a local business in Grove City, I know that it is a little bit unreasonable to hope to keep up with all the technological advances in the internet. I think a better idea is to simply focus on your target market’s needs in regards to the internet and nix the outside stuff that is mostly just a waste of time.
    Now, on the other hand, if a business would take all of these websites that list your address and charge a small fee to list your business on all of these, they could probably do really well as a business.

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