I don’t know about you but back in the 90’s I remember raiding the mail box and newspaper deliveries not for the comics or occasional kids magazines but instead for the flimsy flyers covered in advertisements and coupon deals. I loved using the colorful pictures for cutting and collage-making. When i was older, I actually started looking for coupons to utilize them but i never got tired of clipping coupons.

Today, however, you’re most likely to find the majority of coupon-clippers surfing the internet for those print-out deals or online specials. Target’s solution to the exodus of their money-saving shoppers was to develop their very own money-saving app;

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What is Cartwheel?

  • Cartwheel is an app developed by target to replace paper/physical coupons of both the store’s personal brands (up&up, Circo, Market Pantry, etc.) and other brand name items.

How does it work?

  • New deals and discounts are introduced every week. shoppers can even search for specific product deals.
  • shoppers open the app and “add” the deals to their “cart” as they shop.
  • When shoppers check out, a bar code will appear on their screen for the cashier to scan. Discounts then are automatically applied to the purchase!
  • Congrats! you’ve saved money without spending hours scouring the web or clipping newspapers!

Why use it?

  • Saves time finding deals. Customers no longer have to search online or through papers and junk mail to find coupons. Paper consumption can be reduced significantly! Think about how many coupons people ignore or all the extra paper around that itty-bitty square piece you need with the bar code. They are all on the app, making it convenient, accessible, and on the go!
  •  Saves time checking out. No longer are you standing around the cashier waiting for them to scan each individual coupon nor are you holding up the line for those behind you! just one bar code swipe and you’ve saved serious cash!
  • Saving money you never knew you could. Many times it seems like there is a coupon for everything but what you are actually buying! With cartwheel’s expansive and frequently updated database of savings, you’re sure to find at least one thing in your cart with a coupon.
  • “Play more, Save more.” According to their website, the more you use cartwheel, the more offers you unlock. This reward system isn’t taxing or inconvenient because most likely Target is a place you frequent often enough that you are always looking to buy something there. This feature not only rewards customers but also encourages them to keep coming back


  • According to the counter on the website, Cartwheel users have already saved $456,093,273 collectively!
  • Coupons cover everything from produce to clothes. Customers love being able to find discounts on almost anything in the store.

2 Responses to “Reinventing the [Cart]Wheel”

  1. hammerschmittlr1 says:

    CartWheel is an awesome tool for shopping at Target! I have used it several times in the past to save money. One time in particular come to mind: I went to target to buy a watch, and when I walked into the store I found that the exact watch I wanted was on sale on cartwheel. Pretty cool!

  2. I like the way you set up the post. I have never used an app like this but I think I’m sold. The amount of money they saved for people in insane! It seems pretty simple for all the money it helps to save.

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