When Rooster Teeth was founded in 2003 it was little more than a few friends making a non-sense video series called Red vs Blue, spun out of the Halo video game saga. RvB, as it was soon known, then became the house hold staple to many teenage and college aged young men. Over the next decade this small comedy study grew and began producing content such as Achievement Hunter (a video series of their friends playing games, think Twitch.tv), The Know (an internet news source for all things gaming related), my personal favorite RWBY (a very well done cartoon series), and much more.

Now located is Austin, Texas this company has expanded it’s content offering and company size too. With the 2014 acquisition by Fullscreen Media they received the monetary backing to continue to grow their venture as a subsidiary. New animation engines and additional staffing were added to improve the already impressive body of content.

All of these entertainment accolades aside, one must wonder how the company makes money to exist. The answer is remarkably simple, through their loyal fans. Some subscribe to a membership model giving early, and sometimes exclusive, access to content. Most buy paraphernalia such as posters, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. The CCO (Chief Creative Office) laughably joked that they weren’t a content company at all, they were just a really well disguised t-shirt company.

5 Responses to “Rooster Teeth – A T-Shirt Company in Disguise”

  1. Falcettatr1 says:

    Well I know what I’m going to be looking up now! Video games + Comedy always seem to be a good match!

  2. What is great about this internet entrepreneurship success story is that the business started from a couple of guys just making videos for fun. They were doing what they enjoyed, and it turned out that it could actually be very profitable. Of course, they must be very talented, but it goes to show that in our age we have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the internet by simply pursuing our passions. I could see this group having its own TV shows one day, which would seem to be perfect for them.

  3. I love Rooster Teeth. I remember watching a bunch of their videos when I was younger, and seeing them continue to grow is really awesome!

  4. It has definitely been cool to see RoosterTeeth grow as a business. I remember them when they were just creating simple Red Vs. Blue videos and how humble they were about it. Even now that they are much bigger they still remain humble about their business.

  5. Dan Dorman says:

    I remember first seeing these guys in like 7th grade. The first thing I remember from these guys is their Red vs Blue videos. I also used a lot of their achievement hunter videos as guides for my own achievement hunting. Glad to see them doing so well.

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