seth-godinSeth Godin, founder of Squidoo, took a simple concept and has one of the highest searched websites on the internet.  What did Godin do?  He created “an easy-to-use platform where you can help people understand your little part of the world. A page where you can include links and content and pointers and a bit of community to help people figure out what’s going on.”  People are experts about a breadth of knowledge, they just needed a place to share their information.  Squidoo became that place.

Seth Godin is an unashamed writer (with 10 best selling books), an engaging speaker, and a passionate entrepreneur who has changed the way the world views marketing.  The best thing is, he’s used the internet to do it.  Founded in 2005, Squidoo encourages people to make mini “lenses” pages of topics they’re knowledgable about.  We’ve talked about how essential it is to have a content-rich website, and with  a blog that has over 3,000 posts, Seth Godin knows how that.  Squidoo allows people to write about topics they’re familiar with – from advice on using Twitter  to cute Easter-themed cupcake ideas – Godin has turned his brain child into a website that hosts nearly 900,000 individual pages about a range of topics.

What are you waiting for?  Everyone’s knowledgable about something…  Join the Squidoo Community and share your knowledge with the world!

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