Amazon keeps rolling out innovative products. This new one is a scanner that enables quick and easy shopping right in you home. How? You have your own personal scanner.

Amazon Scanner

Really, though. This small gadget will allow you to shop by just scanning the bar code of a cereal box, or saying “football.” If this takes off, which I assume it will because of its convenience value proposition, Amazon will revolutionize the way of shopping… again. Physical scan –> to internet purchase –> to physical product in hand. Cutting out the search, making it even more simple.

I highly suggest you check out their two-minute video… a great marketing strategy by having a small child narrate.

2 Responses to “#ShoppingMadeSimple”

  1. This is really awesome Brittney – Nice find. I think the innovation that Amazon is trying to do is incredible when it come to things like groceries. I wonder what out grocery shopping will look like even in the next few years with the advances that they are making.

  2. Josh Harstine says:

    Brittney. The video is fantastic, automatic attention grab. and it was very insightful. Very creative blog on a sweet product. I feel like I cant have this though, i would be instantly broke, spending would be so easy.

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