LinkedIn hit the nail on the head for a social media site that really is useful.  As a new user to linked in, i dont know alot of what it does but it is definately a site that i will be familiarizing myself with and using.


LinkedIn is a professional social media site that is geared towards creating job opportunities.  People create an account and say what their best at and what they want a job in, and then they select what types of jobs thier looking for.

As opposed to other social media sites, LinkedIn has a much more defined purpose.  You wont get alot of the negative stuff that goes with sites like facebook or myspace.  people want LinkedIn because it allows them to look for jobs, employees, or other colleauges.  As opposed to facebook and myspace, LinkedIn has a clear, defined purpose that brings a real need to its users.

Internet communities is becoming more and more popular, and as companies are beginning to look online for potential employees as well as customers, linkedin is a useful source to make yourself known and give a good first impression.

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