There has been a lot of recent buzz about Pinterest. Founded by some big names in social media it has really taken off with around 2 million daily users as tracked by their Facebook page (link). Getting its name from a combination of the words interest and pin (their expression of repost, retweet, or reblogg), Pintrest looks to have created a nice niche and is working on filling it.

Why is Pinterest so good? First off, it has really set off a new trend of discovery vs search. You can only find what you are looking for on if you know the right keywords. For discovery, you want a broad array of topics that better allows for rabbit trails and freeform browsing. Pinterest gives that. Someone looking for a new recipe (Because the cookbook is dead) might realize that they don’t really want to cook when confronted with a great craft idea. It can all on the same board.

Pinterest has developed a community of discovery and sharing. It has a very light and open feel and its five columns filled with easily digested content makes it feel like there is always something more to see just beyond the page break. With their easy and standardized (as opposed to tumblr) format, it is easy for users to spend hours browsing, commenting, and repining, cake decorations, hair styles, inspirational quotes, and cute outfits.

Now, if you are a guy, you might be thinking that Pinterest sounds very slanted to the female gender. You would be right. Around  97% of Pinterest’s users are female (link). But, there are still boards (link) that are geared towards things that typically interest men. Later in this week I will be posting about Gentlemint and the way that it is attempting to compete with Pintrest as well as some internet entrepreneurship principles that they have applied and what the future might hold for these discovery sites.

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  1. Great post Chad! Pinterest is so cool and an incredible idea. It is crazy how quickly this is spreading. My mom mentioned it to me a month ago and now everyone is signing up and inviting their friends. My mom actually found some valentine’s day ideas on here. I am really looking forward to watching this venture grow and see the direction it takes!

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