Grove City's Josh Hostetler Dodges to the Cage

Grove City's Josh Hostetler dodges to the cage in a game

Grove City Lacrosse began to step up the program’s online presence in the fall of 2009.  From redesigning the Grove City Lacrosse team website, to seriously investing in a social media presence with a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Account, the team has increased efforts to connect with alumni, recruits, and fans via the internet.  The results have been astounding.  Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and site visits have exceeded expectations, but the best part has been the resulting interactions.  Grove City Lacrosse alumni are able to connect with the current program like never before.  Thanks to news and active updates on Facebook, game reports, news, scores, statistics, and stories on the website, and a constant stream of tweets, including live game updates, alumni can closely follow the team’s progress.

The online community created by the Wolverine Lacrosse program has created value for many parties. Thanks to the increased online presence, Grove City is far more visible to the national lacrosse community, allowing other leagues, teams, and fans to learn about the program.  Relationships between the current team and Grove City Lacrosse alumni have grown dramatically.  High school lacrosse players looking at colleges have discovered the Grove City Lacrosse team through social media and the team website, allowing the team to connect with recruits.  Parents of current players and Grove City Lacrosse fans can closely monitor the team’s progress, on and off the field.  Current team members leading the social media marketing efforts gain valuable experience, knowledge, and skills.

Currently 6-0, Grove City is a likely candidate to qualify for the MCLA D-II National Tournament in Denver, Colorado this May.  As the team continues to emerge on the national scene, the online presence of Grove City Lacrosse will become even more valuable in terms of recruiting possibilities, national recognition, and the continuing growth of the Grove City Lacrosse brand.

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