In looking at all of these cases we have done such as Second Life, Facebook and talking about MySpace I want to bring about another aspect.  In today’s world as I was growing up the computer has become more and more popular with younger and younger generations.  I grew up using AIM among other things and was on the computer way more than my parents had been when they were younger.  In today’s society it is much more common for someone to text another person or send them an email on facebook then to go meet them or to call them on the phone.  I know it seems like a text or a facebook message is the same thing and it is more efficient but think about how it is affecting people.  In this day and age the computer is taking over the business world and pretty much every aspect of the world which I agree with and I am a big fan of.  However, I think that if people continue to use Social Networking and computers as a form of communication it is going to cause problems in the future.  People are not going to feel comfortable talking face to face to do business transactions or to interview because they haven’t had to do it in every other aspect of their life because they could do everything on their computers.  All in all I think that if computers continue to progress as I think and know they will then our society is going to have problems in the future with personal interaction.  Shoot me some comments! I know you are all going to say that it brings more people together because I know it does but I want to hear comments on how we can solve the impersonal communication problem that is bound to come.

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  1. Great blog! I just heard a radio program on NPR recently in which a gentleman was interviewed because he just wrote a book on this very subject. He felt as though with the advent of the many ways we are able to “communicate” we have lost the ability to truly “communicate” with each other on a meaningful level. He felt that with the advent of distance communication devices we no longer hear the tone of voice or see facial expressions which are vital to good communication. He also felt that language usage is also threatened by our use of abbreviations and emoticons change our ability to command the language. All-in-all a very thought provoking discussion. Thanks for bringing it up!

  2. What is the name of the book?

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