It is overwhelming how much content is on the internet–blogs, forums, discussion boards, news articles, etc. There is so much information at our finger tips, yet the content drowns in the vast pool of online information and is lost.

Livefrye has discovered a way to create online content that rises above the rest. Launched in 2009, the San Fransisco based company designed a platform that “helps companies engage consumers through a combination of real-time conversation, social curation, content and advertising.”  This combination is achieved through a variety of platform that Livefrye offers–Engagement Cloud, Social Library, Conversation Apps, Visualization Apps, Content Hubs & Storify 2. Through these platforms, Livefyre’s customers are able to create original content that is sharable, current and relevant. Each platform offers something different, so customers are able to choose the one that works best for their company.

Let’s take a look at Storify 2.
Storify 2 is a platform for article creation and curation. When writing a post, the user can search for real-time social media posts, gifs, article links, images, music and videos by using their right side tool bar. Once finding an appropriate post, the user may simply drag the post into the article and it is automatically put into place. By using this platform, the user is able to create interactive and real time content. In addition, users are also able to collaborate with other Storify writers in the same article.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.13.45 PM


So has this platform been successful? Will people use Livefyre instead of WordPress or other blogging platforms?

To give you an idea of Livefyre’s success, let’s take a look at their customer list. Some of their top clients are CNN, FedEx, Hallmark, SkyNews, and Motorola. They have over 1.000 enterprise customers in addition to 65 million registered users–pretty impressive.

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  1. Dan Christiansen says:

    Engaging in internet research on a specific topic can be time consuming and frustrating. I really like how Livefrye streamlines this process by helping to sift through material. It really speaks to the credibility of this organization that such big-name companies such as FedEX and CNN are getting involved.

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