If you are a marketer you want to literally get into peoples minds!

How can you do this? Where can you put ads that people will directly GO to see them? Is Facebook the only answer?  NO WAY!  If I were a marketer I would love to make sure a site that I was placing an ad on was marked high in the StumbleUpon world.

When I first started seaching the StumbleUpon site I was really confused about what was actually going on.  Then I made an account and was AMAZED!  All I had to do was put in my interests and with a click new websites that I would have never thought about finding were a click away.

So why would marketers love this hub?

  1. People register for what kind of sites they want to be found for them.
  2. When they click the stumble button a random site appears.
  3. Because the site is new and interesting they are going to actually LOOK around the site.
  4. They recognize your fancy ad of either something they were looking for or found interesting.
  5. The user recommends the site.
  6. More people with common interests see your ad.
  7. You make more $$$$$

So think about the question again….

Where can you go to get into people’s minds about what they want?

One Response to “Stumble upon a Marketer's DREAM!”

  1. Is there any research that shows that Stumbled upon is reaching people with specific interests and therefore more effective in selling advertising?

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