Stumble Upon is great.  Most Stumblers log in and use the site’s services to:

  1. Kill time
  2. Find new, interesting websites
  3. Explore the vast annals of the Internet
  4. Increase their online business presence

Wait.  Most Stumble Upon users will admit to they “stumble” for first three reasons, but the fourth one – probably not why most people joined the growing number of discover-ers.  Katie mentioned that marketers should use Stumble Upon to reach potential customers, and they definitely should.  But so should internet entrepreneurs.  The self-made business men and women on the internet know that when you have an online business, web presence is HUGE.  The more your site’s out there, being viewed by people, the better chance you have of making a sale.

To generate business exposure and increase their sales, business owners should create an account on Stumble Upon and start submitting their sites to categories people might find interesting.  Whether you link your sales page or an informative blog that you’ve created to compliment your business, you need to start stumbling.  It takes seconds to create an account and minutes to recommend a new page.  What entrepreneur – internet or otherwise – wouldn’t want increased exposure in reaching people that have said, “Yes -I’m interested in your type of business.  Show me what you’ve got.”  Businesses thrive on professionalism, but sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to stumble.

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