SuperScreen is a new product made by Transcendent Designs getting launched off of kikstarter.   It already has achieved  867% of its target price reaching $435,665  pledged and 3,521 backers.  The reason that they have had such immediate success is their simple but attractive idea.  All SuperScreen is is a wireless screen for your smartphone magnifying what everyone already has.  It is fully integratable with your smart phone allowing you to do everything that you can on your smart phone through the SuperScreen device.


3 Responses to “SuperScreen”

  1. StarcherTa1 says:

    This is an awesome idea! I know my parents and grandparents would for sure love this in terms of a larger screen.

  2. Dan Dorman says:

    This is would fantastic if you are streaming Netflix on your phone. Then all you have to do is connect to the super screen and you have a lot bigger screen so you do not have to look as close to your phone screen.

  3. I love this idea and used it a lot, I can send my documents on the phone to iPad, and also tried to play phone games on Tv, and the phone can be the controller. That is fantastic.

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