Taco Bell has something that McDonald’s, Burger King and Arby’s all don’t have and they are capitalizing on it in a big way. What does Taco Bell have that’s making such a difference? The simple answer: an app. A few years ago Taco Bell rolled out an application for both Apple and Android that allows customers to place orders ahead of time. One of the largest influencing factors encouraging new users to try out the app is the customizability. Customers are able to add or remove a selection of items to their food including cheese, lettuce and numerous sauces, among other things. These options were previously available in store but the customer had to specifically request them whereas now with the app they are able to know exactly what options are available for each individual food item.

Taco Bell has reported an increase in sales as soon as the app rolled out and specifically has noted that the customers who use the app seem to be buying more because they have learned of new customizable add-ons that can be chosen, albeit at an increase in price. Overall, the app has been received well and Taco Bell has greatly benefited from it, encouraging other restaurantsĀ to step up.

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