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Mistakes Small businesses make on the Internet

The competition for small businesses is intense.  The are faced with competition in every area.  A lot of their competition is from big corporations that have large marketing budgets and better name recognition.  The odds are against them but one thing that does level the playing field slightly is the web.  Although large companies do still have the advantage the internet is big enough for small business to cut out a nice market for themselves.  Unfortunately small business often make key mistakes that force them out of the market.  Here are some common mistakes small business make:

  • ignore the importance of the internet
  • poor maintenance of a site
  • Not advertising the site
  • ignore local submissions sites
  • ignore monitoring and analyzing results


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YouTube: the Universal Instruction Manual

Anything and everything imaginable, you can learn about it on YouTube. There are step by step visual instructions on how to build stuff or take stuff apart, or even if you wanted to; learn about something completely new.

Instruction manuals that are given with a product are from some corporate company where these videos are just from regular people. The videos also show better visual instructions than just small non-moving panels with captions do.

There are also videos out there of stuff you can do that there aren’t any instruction manuals written for. Some of it illegal, others just cool things you can do with products already available to the public. Since its Valentine’s Day, here is a cool video on how to make a rose.

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“Survey Says,” Facebook is crazy addictive

With 4,547,677 monthly active users family feud is one of the most popular games on Facebook.

Facebook is not only addictive in keeping up on old friends and finding out about new ones, you can also spend hours and hours of time playing addictive family fun games.

Family Feud is a game based on the TV game show, ‘Family Feud’. You play 4 rounds, each round guessing the top answers on the board. To continue you have to beat the average score, if you do you get to play fast money. After you complete fast money you send your half of the score to somebody else to have them compete and try to reach 200 points.

For completing all of the different parts of the game you receive points and  then you are ranked against all of your other friends that play the game.

Family feud is addicting and also made in such a way that you get points for getting your friends addicted also. The whole time you play you are on Facebook and seeing the ads pop up that Facebook puts up. Any of the games are draws for Facebook to advertise their sponsors.

Family feud is addicting and a great advertiser.

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Youtube cat star becomes offline star

A cat called “Maru” quickly became popular when the owner posted video of him trying to slide into the beer box. This silly and funny cat is now on TV commercial in Japan, mainly broadcasting  on metro train TV in Tokyo.

UQ Communications Inc. is a company that found this video to use for its commercial. With their tagline “Is it in yet?,” they associate that with Maru’s sliding into the box. It is such a clever idea to use this cat video for the Wimax brand, which is a cutting-edge technology to promote a high-speed wireless card. Because people in the metro are usually teen to working age, that is, the primary demographics to use internet, they might access youtube and watch more cats movie and feel the need of faster network. Chances are, they might go to UQ Wimax website that is tagged on the youtube  to look for an easy way to get connected to a higher speed internet.

I included the commercial, unfortunately they only have Japanese version. I added plot so you can follow what’s being said.

UQコミュニケーションズ UQ WiMAX CM 「入ってる? 箱のネコ編」


  • Cat slides into the box
  • asks “Is it in yet?”
  • voice comes in and says “Is Wimax in your laptop?”
  • “New revolution for laptop, new lines are also coming out!”
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What if we liked Advertisements?

Anyone who has taken a class with Professor Powell knows that marketing is, “finding out what people want, and then giving it to them.”  Stumbleupon does just this.  With Stumbleupon, you plug in some initial interests, and then it brings up websites that you might like.  As it learns what you like, it will bring you more of what you like and less of what you don’t like.

This process helps make their promoted websites more effective and less bothersome.  Usually people hate advertisements or promoted websites, but in the case of Stumbleupon, they are finding out what you want, and then giving it to you, and sometimes they get paid for it…what a great business model.

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