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Twitter Business Uses

Companies today are using Twitter to deliver value to customers.  One example of this is JetBlue.  When you’re traveling at an airport and you’re waiting to board a plane, if you log on to their free WiFi you can tweet questions about flight numbers and departure times and the JetBlue WiFi is programmed to answer.

Dell has been using Twitter, creating different accounts for different types of computer deals.  This is a unique way of keeping their customers constantly up-to-date on the newest and best ways to save money.

Comcast goes so far as to offer direct customer service, utilizing Twitter as a tool to make customer service more personable and less clunky.

I think that celebrities that tweet every five minutes about the minute and boring details of their lives are almost as pathetic as the low-lifes that waste their time reading their garbage in the first place.  However, maybe there are some positive ways to use Twitter that will change the way companies generate value for customers.

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Riding the Waves in a Sea of Competition is one of the newer online airline ticketers, and in my opinion is the best.  Kayak is simple to use, seems to find the best prices, and it displays only the final price of the ticket (unlike some sites which give you the price of the ticket, but doesn’t add in the tax and other fees…it’s unbelievably annoying). 

Not only do I find Kayak better than its competitors when they offer the same services, but Kayak sees the future of online travel, particularly for young travelers.  On a traditional site, you have to search for tickets to a specific location and on specific days, but not with Kayak. 

For many people the most expensive part of their trip is the airline ticket itself, they don’t have specific dates they have to fly, and sometimes they don’t care where they go.  But in order to find tickets on a normal travel sight, one needs to know the dates they are flying, where they are flying out of, and where they want to go.  Insert Kayak Buzz.

Kayak Buzz allows you see lowest prices people have found in the last 2 days to a certain destination.  Sometimes these prices aren’t available anymore, but it gives you a good idea of what the prices could be, or what days to search for flights.  You can also search for the lowest prices found in the last few days to regions of the world, like the Caribbean, Europe, etc without specifying dates.   This way if you have a general idea of where you might want to go or when you might want to go, you can find the best ticket prices possible.

Kayak Buzz isn’t perfect, or exactly where the online travel industry will end up, but it is headed in the right direction and is ahead of its competitors. 

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