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Ping-O-Matic: Instantly indexed

One of the hardest things about creating a successfully blog is getting people to find you.  A lot of blogs have good content for the specific niche, but there audience can’t seem to find the blog.  Getting ranked on Google can be daunting especially for a new website.  One solution can be trying to get indexed into different blog directories.  This will help with link building and  it helps people find your site as well. I was looking around the internet for directories that I could submit my website which is about Web design and SEO, and I found an awesome website that will automatically submit your blogs to 21 different directories.  This site is called Ping-O-Matic.  It is extremely easy to use and very effective.  One of the biggest constraint on the internet is time.  This website saves you a bunch of time and is so simple and easy to use.  This is a perfect example of a company giving away powerful tools for free for the sake of helping the internet community.

Written by Ford Jordan | SEO, Web Design, Sports, and Business


Here is an example of what it looks like:

indexing made easy

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Data Rich, Information Poor

The internet let a single person have more information at their figure tips than is stored in a library.  If a fifth grade was doing a report on lion and typed “lions” into Google he would get 104,000,000 results.  The problem with the internet is that there is so much information that it is impossible to find what someone actually wants.  Google has become a 200 billion dollar company by trying to develop a search engine that helps people find what they are looking for.  Even with Google however there is just so much data that it is nearly impossible to sift through the data.  Data is just noise to the use it needs to be turned into meaningful information so they can use it.

Wherever there is a problem there is the potential for an entrepreneur to come in and find a solution.  People are calling out for ways to find the useful information and block all the spam or useless data.  Websites like the Drudge Report or other information blogs allow people to just go to one website instead of looking for all the information themselves.  As entrepreneurs there is a great potential to become an expert in a specific area and develop ways to simplify and condense the information for users.  Blogs are a great way to write about your expertise in an area and if enough people are interested then you can leverage it to make money.  People need people to look through all the data that the internet provides and turn it into meaningful information.

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Changing the Face of Facebook

Another new layout? Seriously? After what feels like several thousand design changes, Facebook has yet again changed the layout of their website. This endeavor was set in motion to create a more “simplified design and provide easy access to your entire Facebook experience.”

Here is a list of some of its new and reorganized features

The Top Menu

  1. Icons for requests, messages, and notifications light up at the top left corner of the website so you don’t miss anything new.
  2. The Account Menu contains links to important settings pages. It’s also where you can go to find help or log out.
  3. The Basics — Search, Home and Profile — are accessible on the top right of every page.

The New Left Bar Menu

  1. Core Features such as News Feed, Messages and your Friends – are now nicely organized at the top of the left bar menu, making it easier to keep up with what’s new.
  2. Applications you’ve bookmarked have moved up the page for easy access. The new Applications and Games dashboards allow you to play to your heart’s desire.
  3. Friends Online provides quick links to chat with your friends, or quickly go online yourself to show others your ready to talk. Facebook chat options are on the bottom bar.


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A Great Cheat Sheet for blogging!

Hey guys here is a very helpful list of articles for writing great content. Some of the subjects covered are: headlines, word choice, inspiration and style.

Copywriting is truly an art and takes practice and study to get right. Something good to Copy and Contentthink about is that in this ever changing world and especially the internet, words are the new currency! Much of the new approach to SEO involves using content to acquire links.

Just write and you’ll improve!

Content and copy are some terms for the words you write.

Update: Great blog post- 52 easy ways optimize your blog while on your coffee break

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Blogging is Easy – Just give it a try.

As you make an attempt to start blogging, remember this: READY, FIRE, AIM.

Your blog does not have to be perfect. That’s not the point. In fact, the main thing right now is just to START – start to ask questions, start to offer thoughts, start to open up subjects that are worthy of dialogue.

If you have some experience blogging, demonstrate what a sample blog might look like.

“Blog” comes from the term “Web Log.” It is a series of brief, related or unrelated thoughts on a subject that is posted and managed on a web platform. Think of it as a collective stream of consciousness.

People don’t expect perfection, just effort. Go ahead – give it a try. Write a few thoughts, and if you don’t have a lot of thoughts, start asking some questions. We can all participate and stimulate discussion.

And remember, you can start a blog and come back and edit it at any time. You can save your work and NOT publish it initially, and then, as you complete it, publish it for all to see.

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